Table 3– Multivariate analysis of factors associated with desmosines measures
Dependent variableMalesFemalesAll
Ln U-desmosines#Ln P-desmosinesLn U-desmosines+Ln P-desmosines§Ln U-desmosinesƒLn P-desmosines##
Age (per 1 yr)0.023<0.0010.023<0.0010.018<0.0010.022<0.0010.021<0.0010.022<0.001
Sex (versus males)0.21<0.0010.0670.014
Height (per 1 cm)-0.0010.830.0030.44-0.0060.020.000.92
Current smoking (versus nonsmokers)0.210<0.0010.0890.090.0020.940.0170.640.092<0.0010.0540.08
BMI (per 1 kg·m−2)-0.0030.720.0080.0390.014<0.0010.020<0.0010.011<0.0010.017<0.001
  • All independent variables were simultaneously entered into the multiple linear regression model. 349 individuals were available for the analysis of U-desmosines and 318 individuals for the analysis of P-desmosines. BMI: body mass index. #: n=128; : n=122; +: n=221; §: n=196; ƒ: n=359; ##: n=318.