Table 1– Epidemiological characteristics of 12 patients with multidrug-resistant/extremely drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) treated with linezolid in Sondalo, Italy
XDR-TB4/12 (33)
Resistance to streptomycin10/12 (83)
Resistance to ethambutol9/12 (75)
Resistance to pyrazinamide9/12 (75)
Resistance to fluoroquinolones7/12 (58)
Resistance to amikacin3/12 (25)
Resistance to kanamycin6/11 (54)
Resistance to capreomycin3/11 (27)
Previous exposure to anti-TB therapy >30 days9/12 (75)
Median (IQR) number of times treated with anti-TB drugs >1 month2 (0.5–8)
  • Data are presented as n/N (%), unless otherwise stated. IQR: interquartile range.