Table 2– Logistic regression: risk factors for asthma at a mean age of 6.5 yrs
Age3 months at admission642.31 (0.91–5.85)2.04 (0.69–6.04)
Male sex862.03 (0.77–5.32)2.01 (0.64–6.29)
Atopic dermatitis at <12 months of age498.16 (2.94–22.7)7.45 (2.45–22.89)
Non-RSV bronchiolitis504.04 (1.57–10.36)3.74 (1.28–10.99)
Maternal history of asthma244.96 (1.78–13.79)3.39 (1.03–11.24)
  • Data are presented as n or odds ratio (95% confidence interval). n=166. Multivariate analyses were performed and adjusted for age on admission, sex, atopic dermatitis in infancy, viral aetiology of bronchiolitis and maternal asthma. RSV: respiratory syncytial virus.