Table 1– Definitions according to wheeze status used in the current study
Symptom-pattern status
 Episodic (viral) wheeze“Wheezing during discrete time periods, often in association with clinical evidence of a viral cold, with absence of wheeze between episodes” [11]
 Multiple-trigger wheeze“Wheezing that shows discrete exacerbations, but also symptoms between episodes” triggered by dust, cold air, exercise, laughter, etc. [11]
Atopic status
 Atopic wheezeWheezer who is skin-prick test-positive and/or has current eczema
 Nonatopic wheezeWheezer who is skin-prick test-negative and has no eczema
Current wheeze status
 Current symptomaticWheezer with a history of at least one wheezing episode in the past 12 months
 Current asymptomaticWheezer with no wheezing episodes in the past 12 months