Table 3– Unadjusted and adjusted associations with 95% confidence intervals of serum specific immunoglobulin (Ig)E, total IgE and bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) per 10-fold increase in mattress endotoxin level
Health outcomeUnadjustedAdjusted#
 IgE to HDM0.96 (0.65–1.43) (n=972)0.98 (0.65–1.49) (n=790)
 IgE to grass1.01 (0.67–1.53) (n=876)0.99 (0.63–1.58) (n=790)
 IgE to cat0.81 (0.47–1.39) (n=876)0.63 (0.34–1.15) (n=790)
 IgE to HDM, grass or cat0.93 (0.68–1.27) (n=876)0.91 (0.64–1.28) (n=790)
Regression coefficient
 Log total IgE-0.0007 (-0.08–0.08) (n=874)0.008 (-0.07–0.09) (n=788)
 BHR slope-0.16 (-0.49–0.15) (n=716)-0.02 (-0.37–0.32) (n=642)
  • HDM: house dust mite. #: confounders were age, sex, smoking status in pack-yrs and household variables (keeping a cat or dog, age of the mattress, presence of mould in bedroom, presence of damp in bedroom, household density and age of home); : cut-off for IgE >0.35 kU·L−1.