Table 3– Policies for HIV testing in tuberculosis (TB) patients and programmes for targeted TB testing in risk groups in European Union (EU)/European Economic Area countries
CountryRoutine HIV testing of TB patientsRisk groups with programmes for targeted TB testing
RecommendedTested % (year, source)
AustriaYesUnknownHomeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (any)
BelgiumYes72 (2001–2008, S)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, asylum seekers
CyprusYesUnknownPrisoners, migrants (non-EU)
Czech RepublicNo20 (2008, S)Homeless, prisoners, migrants (gen)
DenmarkYes40 (2007, A)Homeless, migrants (gen)
EstoniaYes90 (2008, S)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (any), medical and school personnel
FinlandNoUnknownRefugees, asylum seekers
FranceYesUnknownHomeless, IDUs, prisoners, mobile populations, migrants (any)
GermanyYesUnknownHomeless, prisoners, migrants (gen)
IcelandYes77 (2000–2009, S)Migrants (gen)
IrelandYesUnknownPrisoners, asylum seekers
LatviaYesUnknownHomeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (any)
LuxembourgYesUnknownPrisoners, migrants (any)
MaltaYes85 (2008, S)Prisoners, migrants (gen)
NorwayYes∼5 (A)Migrants, medical and school personnel if travelling to high-burden country
PolandYesUnknownPrisoners, asylum seekers
PortugalYes78 (2008, S)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (any)
RomaniaYes80 (2008, S)Homeless, prisoners, migrants (gen)
SlovakiaYes90 (2009 A)Homeless, prisoners, mobile populations, migrants (Roma)
SloveniaYes50 (2007, C-R)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (any)
SpainYes50 (2008, S)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (gen)
The NetherlandsYes26 (2008, S)Homeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (gen)
UKNoUnknownHomeless, IDUs, prisoners, migrants (gen)
  • S: surveillance; A: audit; C-R: capture–recapture study; IDU: injecting drug user; gen: from countries with generalised TB and/or HIV epidemics. #: offered to all TB patients >16 yrs of age.