Table 2– Collection of HIV status in tuberculosis (TB) surveillance systems in European Union/European Economic Area countries
CountryHIV statusReport methodFrequencyTB–HIV captured %Capture basis
BelgiumYesReported by TB clinicianAUnknown
CyprusYesReported by TB clinicianWUnknown
Czech RepublicYesReported by TB clinicianC90Compared with national HIV register
DenmarkYesReported by TB clinician, updated with ADIC50Audit
EstoniaYesReported by TB clinicianC95–98Expert opinion
FinlandYesMatching to HIV databaseC100Expert opinion
IcelandYesReported by TB clinician + matching to HIV registerC77Audit
IrelandYesReported by TB clinicianQLow
LatviaYesReported by TB clinicianC95Compared with national HIV register
LithuaniaYesReported by TB clinician, updated using HIV laboratoriesC100Expert opinion
MaltaYesReported by TB clinician + review of medical recordsA100Audit
PortugalYesReported by TB clinicianC85–95Expert opinion
RomaniaYesReported by TB clinicianC98–99Compared with national HIV register
SlovakiaYesReported by TB clinicianC100Audit
SloveniaYesReported by TB clinician + matching to AIDS registerC100Expert opinion
SpainYesReported by any clinicianAUnknown
The NetherlandsYesReported by TB clinicianCUnknown
UKYesMatching to HIV database2/381Compared with ADI in national HIV register#
  • ADI: information on TB as AIDS-defining illness collected in the country; A: annually; W: when required; C: continuously; Q: quarterly; 2/3: reported every 2–3 yrs; Audit: comparison with patients’ medical records. #: cases not reported to TB register but included in HIV register with TB as AIDS-defining illness.