Table 3– Spirometric indicators of obstructive airways disease in 3,075 children by supplement assignment group. Nepal Nutritional Intervention Project-Sarlahi (NNIPS)-1 follow-up study, 2006–2008
Supplement assignment after birthp-value
PlaceboVitamin A
Sample size for males
 Subjects n804934
 Subjects per ward35.5 (12–76)40.5 (9–112)0.41
FEV1/FVC for males
 FEV1/FVC %85.9±6.186.1±5.80.58
 FEV1/FVC % (mean of ward means)85.7±1.486.1±1.00.35
PEF for males
 PEF L·s−17.81±1.697.85±1.560.66
 PEF L·s−1 (mean of ward means)7.67±0.677.80±0.330.44
FEF75% for males
 FEF75% L·s−11.77±0.631.80±0.630.43
 FEF75% L·s−1 (mean of ward means)1.74±0.191.79±0.130.39
MMEF for males
 MMEF L·s−13.66±0.963.69±0.950.59
 MMEF L·s−1 (mean of ward means)3.60±0.323.67±0.160.41
Sample size for females
 Subjects n629708
 Subjects per ward30 (4–67)26.5 (6–97)0.57
FEV1/FVC for females
 FEV1/FVC %87.4±5.687.2±5.90.59
 FEV1/FVC % (mean of ward means)87.6±1.387.1±1.40.28
PEF for females
 PEF L·s−15.53±1.115.61±1.130.18
 PEF L·s−1 (mean of ward means)5.46±0.335.48±0.450.87
FEF75% for females
 FEF75% L·s−11.39±0.491.39±0.510.94
 FEF75% L·s−1 (mean of ward means)1.37±0.161.35±0.170.74
MMEF for females
 MMEF L·s−12.93±0.732.95±0.750.65
 MMEF L·s−1 (mean of ward means)2.88±0.262.89±0.280.98
  • Data are presented as median (range) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1s; FVC: forced vital capacity; PEF: peak expiratory flow; FEF75%: forced expiratory flow at 75% of FVC; MMEF: maximum mid-expiratory flow.