Table 1– Factors associated with missing the second evaluation, as shown by univariate and multivariate analyses
Factors evaluatedIndividuals nFactors re-evaluatedFactors not re-evaluatedUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Total n10556
Male16120/105 (19.0)25/56 (44.6)0.0006*0.00763.2
Mean age yrs16143.346.40.76ns
Mean body weight kg14568.368.20.98ns
Active smoking4714/31 (45.2)13/16 (81.3)0.019*0.2761#
Period of re-evaluation during summer months16125/105 (23.8)26/56 (46.4)0.003*0.00882.9
Professional contact15546/103 (44.7)15/52 (28.8)0.058ns
Familiar contact15548/103 (46.6)22/52 (42.3)0.61ns
First degree relatives among family contacts7031/48 (64.6)9/22 (40.9)0.07ns
Co-residence15530/104 (28.8)14/51 (27.5)0.86ns
Presence of symptoms16116/105 (15.2)6/56 (10.7)0.43ns
Radiological abnormalities1615/105 (4.8)5/56 (8.9)0.24ns
Tuberculin anergy16164/105 (61.0)30/56 (53.6)0.37ns
Comorbidities15636/105 (34.3)9/51 (17.6)0.03*0.20051.8
  • Data are presented as n/N (%), unless otherwise stated. ns: not significant. #: active smoking was analysed by bivariate analysis with male sex, but was not included in the multivariate analysis because smoking data on many individuals was missing; : defined as 0 mm on tuberculin skin test. *: p<0.05.