Table 3– Odds ratios of noncontrolled asthma according to ADRB2 Gly16Arg genotypes, and stratified by inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) and long-acting β2-agonist (LABA) use in the previous 12 months as reported in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey II population#
Risk of noncontrolled asthma
ICS useLABA usePer Arg alleleAmong Arg/Arg+
Subjects nOR (95% CI)p-valueSubjects nOR (95% CI)p-value
All asthmatics5571.33 (1.01–1.75)0.0463001.73 (0.97–3.09)0.07
ICS nonusersNo2871.76 (1.21–2.54)0.0031462.73 (1.28–5.82)0.009
ICS usersYes2661.02 (0.63–1.68)0.921511.06 (0.38–2.94)0.91
LABA nonusersNo4621.35 (1.00–1.82)0.052451.81 (0.96–3.41)0.07
LABA usersYes901.27 (0.56–2.91)0.57521.37 (0.27–6.92)0.70
ICS or LABA nonusersNoNo2731.61 (1.11–2.35)0.0131392.32 (1.07–5.04)0.033
ICS nonusers + LABA usersNoYes16NANA8NANA
ICS users + LABA nonusersYesNo1881.06 (0.58–1.93)0.861061.23 (0.34–4.54)0.75
ICS and LABA usersYesYes760.97 (0.42–2.28)0.95450.88 (0.16–4.82)0.89
  • Model adjusted for sex, age, body mass index and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. Additive models were estimated by modelling the categorical ADRB2 genotype variable as continuous. Bold indicates p-values that passed Bonferroni correction for multiple testing (p<0.05/9=0.0056). NA: not available. #: n=604; : additive model; +: versus Gly/Gly.