Table 1– Demographic and clinical characteristics of five patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
Patient No.Age yrsSymptom duration# weeksTime from diagnosis weeksAFB sputum smearMycobacterial sputum cultureRFLP patternRadiographic findings
121124PositiveM. tuberculosisIndex caseCavitary consolidation in RUL
22143NegativeM. tuberculosisSame as indexConsolidation in RML
32153NegativeM. tuberculosisDifferent from indexBronchiolitis in LLL
42140NegativeNegativeNABronchiolitis in RUL with pleural effusion
522No symptoms0NegativeNegativeNABronchiolitis in RUL
  • Patients 3 and 5 were diagnosed based on abnormal low-dose computed tomography chest lesions. AFB: acid-fast bacillus; RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphism; M. tuberculosis: Mycobacterium tuberculosis; RUL: right upper lobe; RML: right middle lobe; LLL: left lower lobe; NA: not applicable. #: duration of respiratory symptoms before isolation; : to investigation