Table 7– Prevalence of chest radiograph findings by timing of exposure#
Subjects nMales %Smokers %Play in piles %FVC % pred mean±seProfusion ≥1/0 %Plaque %DPT or CAO %
Before 1976
 25–40 yrs of age57142.235.551.1107.25±0.5699.80.297299.60.3
 41–50 yrs of age58243.847.643.5103.82±0.5999.
 51–60 yrs of age64241.154.729.3100.92±0.6697.20.386.812.198.70.8
 61–90 yrs of age77742.357.316.394.62±0.7292.51.378.818.393.24.9
 All subjects257242.449.633.4101.08±0.3496.80.588.410.197.41.9
After 1976
 25–40 yrs of age26040.440.825106.9±0.83100099.20.41000
 41–50 yrs of age29339.247.47.8106.1±0.7499.7097.91.41000
 51–60 yrs of age15338.556.95.9101.95±1.3198094.82.698.70.6
 61–90 yrs of age8536.563.51.297.31±2.1396.
 All subjects79139.248.812.4104.61±0.5399.
  • FVC: forced vital capacity; % pred: % predicted; DPT: diffuse pleural thickening; CAO: costophrenic angle obliteration. #: excluding non-tremolite asbestos-exposed subjects, Grace workers and household contacts.