Table 2– Antiviral activity of different doses of TMC353121 administered once
In vivo protocolTaqManPlaque assay
StudyDoseLog viral loadΔlog#p-valueΔlog#p-value
Study 310 mg·kg−14.65±0.551.02±0.18<0.010.82±0.12<0.001
5 mg·kg−14.98±1.280.69±0.28<0.050.69±0.09<0.001
2.5 mg·kg−14.91±0.20.75±0.23<0.010.56±0.06<0.001
0 mg·kg−15.67±0.50NA0NA
Study 410 mg·kg−14.97±0.210.58±0.69>0.050.73±0.05<0.001
2.5 mg·kg−15.00±0.190.55±0.29>0.050.59±0.13<0.001
1 mg·kg−15.25±0.290.31±0.19>0.050.56±0.09<0.001
0.25 mg·kg−14.99±0.690.56±0.21>0.050.53±0.04<0.001
0 mg·kg−15.55±0.170NA0NA
  • Data are presented as median log value±sd, unless otherwise stated. NA: not applicable. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) titres were measured by Taqman PCR and plaque assay 4 days after infection. TMC353121 was administered once by intravenous bolus, 60 min prior to RSV challenge. #: the median viral log reduction in lung was calculated versus untreated control; : p-values were calculated using one way ANOVA with Tukeys' multiple comparison tests. 4–6 mice per group were tested. Bold indicates statistical significance.