Table 4– Prevalence of various comorbidities in patients with or without obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), stratified for body mass index (BMI) according to World Health Organization criteria
Normal weight, BMI <25 kg·m−2Overweight, BMI 25–<30 kg·m−2Obese, BMI ≥30 kg·m−2
Patients n64415832273
BMI kg·m−223±228±136±5
AHI events·h−12±119±162±125±192±137±27
Prevalence systemic hypertension11.827.921.838.130.658.5
Prevalence all CV disease18.738.929.247.740.364.9
Prevalence all metabolic disease11.320.922.628.932.543.6
Prevalence all pulmonary disease8.914.314.613.520.018.5
Prevalence hypersomnia#34.939.
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. AHI: apnoea/hypopnoea index; CV: cardiovascular. #: defined by Epworth Sleepiness Scale score ≥10.