Table 1– Antiviral activity of TMC353121 administered in multiple doses
In vivo protocolTaqMan Lung
StudyTreatmentLog viral loadΔlog#p-value
Study 1
 TMC353121Day -5 to 05.69±0.540.94±0.49>0.05
Day 06.23±0.470.4±0.42>0.05
Day 0 to +35.14±2.071.49±1.88<0.05
 VehicleDay -5 to +36.63±0.510NA
Study 2
 TMC353121Day 0 to +34.92±0.20.76±0.2>0.05
Day +1 to +34.98±0.20.7±0.2>0.05
Day +2 to +34.64±1.281.03±1.28<0.05
Day +3 to +35.55±0.550.12±0.54>0.05
 VehicleDay 0 to +35.67±0.50NA
  • Data are presented as median log value±sd, unless otherwise stated. NA: not applicable. Respiratory syncytial virus titres were measured by Taqman PCR for the L gene, 4 days after infection. TMC353121 was administered by intravenous bolus, at 10 mg·kg−1 dose, on indicated days. #: the median log reduction in lung was calculated versus untreated control; : p-values for differences between viral loads for untreated versus treated groups were calculated using Kruskal–Wallis with Dunn's post-test. 5–6 mice per group were tested. Bold indicates statistical significance.