Table 2– Devices currently available for delivery of commonly prescribed brand-name drugs by pressurised metered-dose inhalers (pMDI), breath actuated (BA)-pMDIs, nebulisers, soft mist inhalers and dry powder inhalers (DPI)
Drug classDrug/device (brand name)#Dose availableComments
 AnticholinergicsIpratropium bromide (Atrovent®)21 μg
 β2-adrenergic agonistsFormoterol (Atimos® or Foradil®)12 μgAtimos® emits extra-fine particles. Discard Atimos® 12 weeks after dispensing.
Salbutamol100 μgAiromir®, Proventil® and ProAir® contain a small amount of alcohol. In some countries, Ventolin® has a dose counter. In some countries, some generic versions are formulated with CFC products.
Salmeterol (Serevent®)25 μg
Levalbuterol (r-salbutamol) (Xopenex®)45 μgContains a small amount of alcohol.
 CorticosteroidsBeclomethasone (QVAR®)50 and 100 μgQVAR® aerosol inhaler and Alvesco® inhaler emit extra-fine particles.
Ciclesonide (Alvesco®)40, 80 and 160 μgDue to greater lung deposition, the prescribed dose of QVAR® is half that of the traditional beclomethasone dose. Licensed with the Aerochamber®, in some countries.
Beclomethasone (Clenil®)50, 100, 200 and 250 μgFormulated with HFA propellants but has particle size characteristics that are similar to CFC-beclomethasone. Licensed with the Aerochamber®, or the Volumatic®, in some countries.
Beclomethasone (Beclazone®)50, 100 and 250 μgFormulated with CFC propellant, but will be discontinued in the near future.
Budesonide (Pulmicort®)50 μgCurrently formulated with CFC propellants.
Fluticasone (Flixotide®, Flovent®)50, 125 and 250 μg
Flunisolide HFA (Aerospan®)80 μg
 CombinationsBeclomethasone/formoterol (Foster®). In some countries, this product is known as Fostair®, Fostex® or Innovair®.100/6 μgBeclomethasone and formoterol in this combination product are formulated as extra-fine particles.
Budesonide/formoterol (Symbicort®)80/4.5 μg, 160/4.5 μgShould be discarded 12 weeks after dispensing. Has a dose counter.
Fluticasone/salmeterol (Seretide®)50/25, 125/25 and 250/25 μgHas a dose counter. Licensed with the Volumatic®, or Aerochamber®, in some countries.
Ipratropium bromide/salbutamol (Combivent®)18/100 μgFormulated with CFC propellant, but will be discontinued in the near future.
 CromonesNedocromil sodium (Tilade®)2 mgHas been discontinued in many countries.
Sodium cromoglycate (Intal®)1 mg and5 mgFormulated with CFC propellant, but will be discontinued in the near future.
 β2-adrenergic agonistsSalbutamol100 μgEasi-Breathe® Inhaler and Airomir® Autohaler.
Pirbuterol200 μgMaxair® Autohaler; discontinued after December 31, 2010.
 CorticosteroidsBeclomethasone (QVAR®)50 and 100 μgQVAR® Autohaler® and QVAR® Easi-Breathe® Inhaler. Beclomethasone formulated as extra-fine particles.
 β2-adrenergic agonistsFormoterol fumarate inhalation solution (Perforomist®)20 μg/2 mL
Salbutamol inhalation solution0.083%Vials do not require dilution.
Vials with 1, 2 and 5 mg·mL−1Add saline until 4-mL total for jet nebuliser.
Arformoterol tartrate (r-formoterol) inhalation solution15 μg
Levalbuterol (r-salbutamol) inhalation solution0.31 mg/3 mL, 0.63 mg/3 mL and 1.25 mg/3 mLStore in foil pouch. Once pouch is opened, use vials within 2 weeks.
Metaproterenol sulfate (Alupent®)0.5, 0.6 and 5%
 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatoriesCromolyn sodium20 mgCan be mixed with salbutamol inhalation solution in nebuliser.
 AntibioticsTobramycin inhalation solution300 mg/5 mL (TOBI®)Licensed for use with PARI LC® Plus nebuliser and Devilbiss® Pulmo-Aide® compressor.
300 mg/4 mL (Bramitob®)Licensed for use with PARI LC® Plus and PARI TURBO Boy® compressor.
Colistin inhalation solution (Promixin®)Vial with powder: 1 million units (80 mg) with water and saline for solution (3 mL)Licensed for use with jet nebuliser (PARI LC® Plus or similar nebuliser) with appropriate compressor. Licensed for use with the I-neb® adaptive aerosol delivery system, in some countries.
Aztreonam inhalation solution (Cayston®)75 mg/2 mLLicensed for use with the eFlow®, in some countries.
 CorticosteroidsBudesonide inhalation suspension0.25, 0.5 and 1 mg (Pulmicort Respules®)Licensed for use with jet-nebulisers.
0.25 and 0.5 mg (generic)Not for use with ultrasonic nebuliser.
Fluticasone inhalation suspension0.50 mg/2 mL; 2 mg/2 mL (Flixotide®)
 MucolyticsRecombinant human DNase (Pulmozyme®)2.5 mg/2.5 mLLicensed for use with many nebulisers (see text for details). Should not be used with ultrasonic nebulisers. Fluid should not be diluted or mixed with other drugs.
Hypertonic saline inhalation solutionStudied with jet nebulisers and breath-enhanced nebulisers with appropriate compressors.
Hyper-Sal™3.5%/4 mL and 7%/4 mL
MucoClear®6%/4 mL
Hyaneb™7%/5 mLAlso contains sodium hyaluronate 0.1%.
 ProstacyclinIloprost (Ventavis®)2.5 μg per ampule and 5 μg per ampuleLicensed for use with I-neb® adaptive aerosol delivery system.
 AnticholinergicsIpratropium bromide (Atrovent®)500/vialCan be combined with salbutamol, or metaproterenol, solutions.
 Anti-infectivePentamidine (NebuPent®)0.02%, 300 mgLicensed with Respigard II nebuliser.
Soft mist inhalers
 AnticholinergicsTiotropium bromide2.5 μgRespimat®
 CombinationsFenoterol/ipratropium bromide50/20 μgRespimat®
 Aerolizer®Budesonide200 μgCapsule, low resistance.
Formoterol12 μg
 Diskhaler®Beclomethasone100, 200 and 400 μgCapsule (8 or 4), low resistance.
Fluticasone100, 250 and 500 μg
Salmeterol50 μg
Zanamivir (antiviral)5 mg
 Diskus (Accuhaler® in the UK)Fluticasone50, 100, 250 and 500 μgIndividual doses in a blister inside the device, medium resistance.
Salbutamol200 μg
Salmeterol50 μg
Fluticasone/salmeterol100/50, 250/50 and 500/50 μg
 Clickhaler®Beclomethasone50, 100 and 250 μgMulti-dose reservoir, medium/high resistance.
Budesonide100, 200 and 400 μg
Formoterol12 μg
Salbutamol114 μg
 Cyclohaler®Beclomethasone100, 200 and 400 μgCapsule, low resistance.
Budesonide200 and 400 μg
Salbutamol200 μg
 Easyhaler®Beclomethasone100, 200 and 400 μgMulti-dose reservoir, high resistance.
Budesonide100, 200 and 400 μg
Formoterol12 μg
Salbutamol100 and 200 μg
 Handihaler®Tiotropium18 μgCapsule, high resistance.
 Maghaler®Budesonide200 μgMulti-dose reservoir.
 Novolizer®Budesonide200 μgMulti-dose reservoir, medium resistance.
Formoterol12 μg
Salbutamol100 μg
 Pulvinal®Beclomethasone100, 200 and 400 μgMulti-dose reservoir, medium/high resistance.
Salbutamol200 μg
 Spinhaler®Sodium cromoglycate20 mgCapsule, low resistance.
 Spiromax®Budesonide100, 200 and 400 μgMulti-dose reservoir, medium/high resistance.
 Turbuhaler®Budesonide100, 200 and 400 μg; 90 and 180 μg (in USA)Multi-dose reservoir, medium/high resistance.
Formoterol6 and 12 μg
Terbutaline500 μg
Budesonide/formoterol100/6, 200/6 and 400/12 μg
 Twisthaler®Mometasone200 and 400 μg; 220 and 110 μg (in US.)Multi-dose reservoir, high resistance.
  • #: not all drugs/devices are available in all countries. : for all drugs, patients should be monitored for side-effects. +: pMDIs and BA-MDIs formulated with hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) propellant unless otherwise stated in the comments column. The dose of reformulated product is the same as the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) version unless specified. See Appendix for all product/drug manufacturer details.