Table 2– Smoking behaviour of male smokers who received either only negative screening results (negatives) or at least one indeterminate screening result (indeterminates)
Test negativesSubjects n/NTest indeterminatesSubjects n/Np-value
Quit attempts1.5±2.03761.9±2.73120.016
Point prevalence of smoking abstinence0.39
 Continued smoking89.6465/51987.8368/419
 Smoking abstinence10.454/51912.251/419
Prolonged smoking abstinence0.19
 Continued smoking91.1473/51988.5371/419
 Prolonged abstinence8.946/51911.548/419
Continued smoking abstinence0.23
 Continued smoking91.1473/51988.8371/419
 Continued abstinence8.947/51911.248/419
Follow-up period after quit date# months9.0 (10.9)407.6 (11.0)400.30
Time between last regular screening result and quit date# months7.0±4.2406.7±3.8400.74
Time between baseline scan and quit date# months12.3±7.24013.4±7.8400.50
Last scan before quit date#0.50
 Scan round year 150.020/4042.517/40
 Scan round year 250.020/4057.523/40
Cigarettes per day20 (13)43420 (12)3530.37
Reduced smoking
 Increased smoking18.480/43414.752/353
 No change29.7129/43430.3107/353
 Reduced smoking51.8225/43455.0194/353
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, % or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. Test negatives: male smokers who received only negative test results; test indeterminates: male smokers who received at least one indeterminate test result. #: results are based on data for former smokers with complete data of quit date. : results are based on data from respondents who smoked at follow-up.