Table 2– Main characteristics of selected studies
First author [ref.]Patients nMean age yrsStudy designPrevalence of lung cancer %Patient selectionAdditional guidance toolsReference/comparison testQUADAS score#
Asahina 363062.2Unclear63Referral for diagnosis of PPLGuide sheath VBHistology by alternate means3
Chung 3515859.4Prospective RCT:EBUS±distance71PPL not visible at routine bronchoscopyDistance measured: n = 57Histology by alternate means3
Dooms 345069Prospective case seriesNDReferral for diagnosis of PPLNilND2
Eberhardt 333953Prospective RCT69Patients with PPL referred to interventional pulmonology serviceGuide sheath (n = 39)Surgical resection3
Fielding 3214063Prospective case series50Referral for diagnosis of PPLGuide sheath fluoroscopyND2
Herth 315446Prospective case series57Referral for diagnosis of PPLGuide sheathSurgical resection4
Herth 125062Prospective randomised case cross-over study: EBUS versus fluoroscopy84Referral for diagnosis of PPLNilSurgical resection8
Kurimoto 30150NDProspective case series66Referral for diagnosis of PPLGuide sheath fluoroscopy±angulated curetteHistology by alternate means or radiologic surveillance3
Paone 298765Prospective RCT67Referral for diagnosis of PPLNilHistology by alternate means3
Shirakawa 285068Prospective case series (versus retrospective controls)50PPL not visible at routine bronchoscopyFluoroscopy±angulated curette guide sheath (n = 21)Histology by alternate means3
Yamada 27155NDRetrospective audit68NDGuide sheath fluoroscopy±angulated curetteUnclear2
Yoshikawa 2612166Prospective case series84Referral for diagnosis of PPLGuide sheath± angulated curetteHistology by alternate means3
Asano 373172Prospective case seriesunclearPPL not visible at routine bronchoscopyGuide sheath fluoroscopy virtual bronchoscopySurgical resection or follow-up to radiological resolution3
Huang 398360Retrospective audit78UnclearDistance measuredHistology by alternate means or radiological surveillance4
Yang 3812266Retrospective audit100Patients with confirmed lung cancerNilHistology by alternate means or clinical surveillance3
Eberhardt 4010052Prospective case series61PPL <20 mm with CT characteristics of malignancyGuide sheathHistology by alternate means4
  • RCT: randomised controlled trial; EBUS: endobroncial ultrasound; PPL: peripheral pulmonary lesion; ND: no data available; CT: computed tomography; VB: virtual bronchoscopy. #: refer to supplementary file 1 for detailed presentation of individual study scores for each QUADAS domain.