Table 3– Associations between exposure at the first occupation and asthma severity at baseline
Subjects nALOHA job exposure matrix#Asthma-specific job exposure matrix
Exposed %OR (95% CI)Adjusted+ OR (95% CI)Exposed %OR (95% CI)Adjusted+ OR (95% CI)
Nonasthmatic before hire (ref.)12349.61130.911
Asthmatics at baseline15046.70.89 (0.56–1.42)0.72 (0.43–1.22)30.70.99 (0.59–1.64)0.79 (0.46–1.36)
Asthma severity at baseline§
 Mild9751.61.08 (0.63–1.85)0.88 (0.49–1.58)35.11.21 (0.70–2.10)0.97 (0.53–1.75)
 Moderate-to-severe3727.00.38 (0.17–0.82)0.27 (0.11–0.63)16.20.39 (0.15–1.04)0.31 (0.12–0.82)
  • Ref.: referrent group. #: exposed (probable exposure to at least one agent, i.e. dust, gases, fumes, pesticides, solvents or metals) versus nonexposed. : exposed (moderate or high probability of exposure to asthmogens, or possible exposure to low-risk irritants or antigens) versus nonexposed. +: adjusted for age at follow-up, sex and diploma level. §: analysis performed in 257 subjects (data missing for asthma severity in 16 asthmatics at baseline).