Table 2– Characteristics of disseminated tuberculosis patients and non-disseminated tuberculosis patients
Disseminated tuberculosisNon-disseminated tuberculosisp-value
 Patients n1290
 Age yrs76.9±9.970.8±19.40.5676
 Males/females n7/556/34>0.9999
Laboratory test
 PCT ng·mL−10.75±0.790.14±0.39<0.0001
 CRP mg·dL−111.19±7.285.52±5.260.0059
 WBC 109 cells·L−18.41±5.317.80±3.010.8762
 Neutrophils 109 cells·L−17.27±3.296.07±3.050.1686
 Lymphocytes 109 cells·L−10.73±0.681.09±0.730.03
PORT score131.1±31.684.5±32.20.0001
Death within 60 days7 (58.3)5 (5.6)<0.0001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. PCT: procalcitonin; CRP: C-reactive protein; WBC: white blood cell count; PORT: Pneumonia Patients Outcome Research Team.