Table 2– UK English Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ): instructions for interviewers
Asthma Control Questionnaire (for children aged 6–10 yrs)
Please read these instructions carefully before administering the questionnaire
Parents may be present during the interview but you should encourage the child to respond and only ask the parent to help if the child is having difficulties.
Some younger children may have difficulty understanding the meaning of some questions. First, you should read each question to the child exactly as written in the text. If the child doesn't understand, read the question again using the secondary wording included in the brackets. Try not to place your own interpretation on the question.
The questionnaire will ask how the child's asthma has been during the last week (7 days). Check that the child understands this time frame. If in doubt, ask the parent to identify an event that occurred a week previously (e.g. a football match) and then ask the child to tell you how she/he has been since that event
Show the child the response card and explain the options. Explain the concept of the 7 responses. Explain that 0 means that they have not had any asthma symptoms at all and that 6 means that their symptoms have been really, really bad. Explain that the other numbers (1–5) represent levels in between. For children who can read, we suggest that you ask them to read aloud each of the responses. For younger children, start by reading to them just the 7 responses to question one (both number and words) and check that they understand the concept (then repeat at the beginning of each question).
Reassure the child that there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Extract from the ACQ (for children aged 6–10 yrs old). Reproduced with permission from E.F. Juniper. Copyright of the ACQ is held by E.F. Juniper, QOL Technologies Ltd.