Table 3– Comparison of the baseline characteristics between patients with and without acute exacerbation (AE)
Age yrs63.4±8.164.3±8.9ns63.7±8.6ns
Males228 (76.5)69 (76.7)ns30 (81.1)ns
 Never smoked76 (25.5)31 (34.4)10 (27.0)
 Smokers222 (74.5)59 (65.6)27 (73.0)
Smoking exposure pack-yrs34.8±19.235.7±20.0ns34.0±16.2ns
PFT % pred+
BAL %+
CRP mg·dL−1+0.5±0.70.4±0.3ns0.7±0.70.055
Steroid with/without cytotoxic agent§184 (61.7)56 (62.2)ns20 (54.1)ns
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. RD: rapid deterioration; PFT: pulmonary function test; % pred: % predicted; FVC: forced vital capacity; DL,CO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; TLC: total lung capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; BAL: bronchoalveolar lavage; CRP: C-reactive protein; ns: nonsignificant. #: infection with bilateral lesions; : No-RD versus infection; +: data from the patients who first presented with RD were excluded; §: within 30 days prior to RD.