Table 4– Mortality rates after hospitalisation for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation at different time-points for the six studies included and the 10 studies excluded from the meta-analysis fulfilling all inclusion criteria except follow-up >1.5 yrs
Patients nMortality rate %
In-hospital3 months6 months1 yr2 yrs5 yrs
Studies included in the meta-analysis
 Connors 15101611NR334349NR
 Vestbo 16487NRNRNRNRNR44
 Groenewegen 171718161823NRNR
 Gunen 182058.3NR243339NR
 McGhan 19542693.6NRNR24NR57
 Brekke 209969.922273241NR
Studies excluded from the meta-analysis#
 Fuso 1059014NRNRNRNRNR
 Cydulka 211319746NRNRNRNRNR
 Eriksen 223008.619NR36NRNR
 Patil 9711302.5NRNRNRNRNR
 Yohannes 231043.8NRNR38NRNR
 Wang 242829.9NRNRNRNRNR
 Price 2575297.415NRNRNRNR
 Bustamente 267636.4NRNRNRNRNR
 Kinnunen 2772896§3.2NRNRNRNRNR
 Dransfield 288255.2NRNRNRNRNR
Overall estimate based on all 16 studies % (95% CI)+6.7 (5.7–7.7)18 (14–22)26 (20–32)33 (25–40)43 (37–50)51 (38–63)
  • NR: not reported. #: follow-up <1.5 yrs; : results year 1991; +: overall weighted average mortality rates based on random effects analysis; §: number of admissions instead of number of patients.