Table 3– Characteristics of studies with a follow-up <1.5 yrs excluded from the meta-analysis used to obtain information on mortality rates at different time-points after a severe exacerbation as presented in the literature
First author [ref.]Patients nMales %Mean age yrsMean FEV1 % predPatient selectionDefinition exacerbationMean hospital length of stay daysCountry
Fuso 105907968Not reportedPatients with COPD (ATS criteria) who were admittedIncreased dyspnoea, reduced usual performance with or without change in sputum, blood temperature and body weight <5 days prior to hospitalisationNot reportedItaly
Cydulka 211319744975Not reportedPatients (aged >65 yrs) admitted for COPDHospitalisation with first diagnosis ICD-9: 490–492, 4966USA
Eriksen 22300407135Patients with COPD, confirmed by physician or spirometry, who were admittedHospitalisation for COPD exacerbation: J44.0, 44.1, 44.8, 44.99.9Denmark
Patil 9711304470Not reportedPatients (aged >40 yrs) admitted for COPDHospitalisation with discharge code ICD-9: 491.215USA
Yohannes 23104487340Patients (aged >60 yrs) admitted for COPDHospitalisation for exacerbation defined as: presence of at least two symptoms: increased sputum purulence or volume, dyspnoea, wheeze, chest tightness or fluid retention15UK
Wang 24282417136Patients (>40 yrs), smoker/ex-smoker, FEV1 <80%, FEV1/FVC<70% and no other lung disease who were admittedHospital admission for an acute exacerbation of COPD10Canada
Price 257529Not reportedNot reportedNot reportedPatients with physician-diagnosed COPD who were admittedAcute hospital admission for COPD8.3UK
Bustamente 26763817647Patients (aged >45 yrs) with COPD according to GOLD who were admittedHospitalisation with diagnosis ICD-9: 491.2110.6Spain
Kinnunen 2772896#7472Not reportedPatients (aged >44 yrs) admitted for COPDHospital admission with primary diagnosis ICD-8,9: 491, 942, 496 ICD-10: J41, 42, 43, 448.1Finland
Dransfield 288255066Not reportedPatients admitted for COPDHospitalisation with primary discharge code ICD-9: 491.21 or primary diagnosis of respiratory failure 518.81 with second diagnosis COPD exacerbation5.7USA
  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; % pred: % predicted; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ATS: American Thoracic Society; FVC: forced vital capacity; GOLD: Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; ICD: International Classification of Diseases. #: number of admissions instead of number of patients.