Table 1– Average surface roughness in susceptible and extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XXDR-TB) cells
Type of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilliCell wall thicknessLengthAverage surface roughness on 200×200 nm
Susceptible bacilli15.6±1.3 nm1.8 to 3 μm8±2.5 nm
XXDR-TB bacilli: rod like20.2±1.5 nm1.8 to 3 μm10±0.8 nm
XXDR-TB bacilli: round19.3±1.8 nm0.3 to 0.9 μm12.2±1.3 nm
Resistant rod-like bacilli: thick cell wall21. 8±6.2 nm1.5 to 2 μm13.7±2.1 nm
  • Data are presented as the sum of 15–20 steel sample packs that were observed under atomic force microscopy.