Table 1– Characteristics of study participants
CharacteristicRapid declinersSlow declinersp-value
Males62 (63)60 (61)0.77
Caucasians86 (88)97 (99)0.002
Age yrs53.2±6.952.2±6.60.31
Smoking intensity reported at Y5 cigarettes·day−125.1±12.621.5±11.60.04
Y5 FEV1 L2.35±0.632.49±0.650.09
Y5 FEV1 % pred71.0±12.173.2±11.50.15
Y5 FVC L4.10±1.023.94±0.990.23
Y5 FVC % pred98.6±13.792.1±11.4<0.001
Time between Y5 to LT spirometry visits yrs6.0±0.645.8±0.660.06
LT FEV1 L1.44±0.522.49±0.66<0.001
LT FEV1 % pred45.2±13.377.2±11.6<0.001
LT FVC L3.31±1.013.92±1.05<0.001
LT FVC % pred81.7±17.094.2±12.6<0.001
  • Data are presented as n, n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. All participants were continuous smokers from the first visit in the main Lung Health Study trial to the long-term follow-up visit (LT). Y5: year 5 visit; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; % pred: % predicted; FVC: forced vital capacity.