Table 7– Summary sensitivity of interferon-γ release assays and the tuberculin skin test (TST)
SeriesDiagnosticsSubjectStudies nSummary sensitivity (95% CI)Sensitivity range
1QFT-GTB patients, adult210.80 (0.78–0.82)0.62–0.95
2QFT-G-ITTB patients, adult60.74 (0.69–0.78)0.64–0.93
3QFT-G/G-ITTB patients, child90.82 (0.75–0.87)0.53–1.00
4QFT-G/G-IT, T.SPOTHIV-infected TB patients50.70 (0.60–0.79)0.63–0.85
7T.SPOTTB patients130.90 (0.86–0.93)0.83–1.00
8TSTHealthy subjects200.77 (0.71–0.82)0.57–1.00
  • QFT-G: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold; QFT-G-IT: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube; T.SPOT: T.SPOT-TB®; TB: tuberculosis. Data are taken from the meta-analysis in 109.