Table 4– Prospective multicenter phase II trials of radical multimodality treatment in early stage malignant pleural mesothelioma
VariableSAKK trial 11USA phase II trial 20EORTC 08031
Patients/institutions n/n61/677/959/11
Induction regimenCis–gem ×3Cis–pem ×4Cis–pem ×3
Compliance to induction chemotherapy958393
EPP45 (74)54 (70)42 (74)
Operative mortality2.276.5
pCR rate2.254.8
PORT completed36 (59)40 (52)37 (65)
OS months
 ITT19.8 (14.6–24.5)16.8 (13.6–23.2)18.4 (15.6–32.9)
 PP23.0 (16.6–32.9 )21.9 (16.8–29.1)21.5 (17.6–NR)
Local relapse n (% PP)NS11 (28)6 (16)
PFS months
 ITT13.5 (10.2–18.8 )10.1 (8.6–15.0 )13.9 (10.9–17.2)
Median overall treatment time (range) daysNSNS193 (162–220)
  • Data are presented as %, n (%) or median (95% CI), unless otherwise stated. SAKK: Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research; EORTC: European Organisation for Cancer Research and Treatment; EPP: extrapleural pneumonectomy; pCR: pathologically complete response; PORT: post-operative radiotherapy; OS: overall survival; ITT: intention to treat; PP: per protocol; PFS: progression-free survival; Cis: cisplatin; gem: gemcitabine; pem: pemetrexed; NR: not reached; NS: not stated.