Table 3– Risk of active tuberculosis in different studies in patients suffering from rheumatic diseases treated with TNF antagonists
First author [ref.]CountryType of studyAdalimumabEtanerceptInfliximabComments
Wallis 12USACases voluntarily reported to US FDAIR 28/100000IR 54/100000Etanercept versus infliximab p<0.0001
Brassard 105CanadaSearch of a large pharmacy prescription databaseRR 1.2 (0.9–1.8)RR 1.6 (1.0–2.6)
Gomez-Reino 14SpainData from registryIR 176/100000IR 114/100000IR 383/100000p = ns, wide confidence interval
Tubach 106FranceData from registryIR 215/100000IR 9.3/100000IR 187.5/100000SIR 29.3 for adalimumabSIR 1.8 for etanerceptSIR 18.6 for infliximab.p<0.0001
Fonseca 107PortugalData from registry4 cases/171 patients1 case/333 patients8 cases/456 patientsExposure is not provided
  • US FDA: US Food and Drug Administration; IR: incidence rate; RR: adjusted rate ratio; ns: nonsignificant; SIR: standardised incidence ratio.