Table 5– Costs of compensation for loss of income (CLI) and total costs (in CAD×103) according to years of exposure with symptoms before removal from exposure (YWS), age and employment status at re-evaluation
VariablesStrataLog(CLI)2Log(total costs)
Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4
YWS<1 yr versus ≥1 yr (R)-3.248±1.14200.027-2.187±1.3080.102-0.263±0.1130.024-0.223±0.1070.043
Age>40 yrs versus <40 yrs (R)3.511±1.4330.0182.953±1.4640.0500.342±0.1130.0040.260±0.1200.035
Employment status at re-evaluationWithout job versus same employer (R)NI4.277±1.9460.033NI0.214±0.1590.183
Retraining versus same employer (R)8.740±2.9090.0040.595±0.2390.017
Retired versus same employer (R)7.633±2.0600.0010.562±0.1720.002
Other employer versus same employer (R)4.669±1.8250.0140.270±0.1510.081
Adjusted r20.1890.3700.2460.370
  • Data are presented as mean±sem, unless otherwise stated. β: multiple linear regression coefficient; R: referent; NI: not included in the model.