Table 1– The contribution of sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) to the diagnosis of smear-negative tuberculosis (TB)
Specimen and testTest positives with TB#Additional test positives with TBSensitivity (95% CI)Incremental sensitivity (95% CI)
Sputum culture181846 (30–63)46 (30–63)
BAL smear or sputum culture24662 (45–77)15 (6–30)
BAL culture or BAL smear or sputum culture26267 (50–81)5 (1–17)
BAL culture or BAL smear or sputum culture or TB treatment response3913100 (91–100)33 (16–51)
  • Cultures of sputum collected on day 1 (spot collection) and day 2 (early morning collection). #: n=39; : incremental sensitivities may not sum exactly due to rounding.