Table 2– Ventilatory responses in narcolepsy–cataplexy versus controls.
Subjects n1301178928
ΔVEPCO2 L·min−1·mm Hg−1)0.92±0.531.04±0.741.03±0.741.07±0.75
ΔVEPCO2 /BSA L·min−1·mmHg−1·m−20.54±0.300.61±0.420.60±0.420.64±0.42
ΔVESp,O2 L·min−1 per %Sp,O2)0.13±0.09#0.19±0.130.20±0.140.13±0.08
ΔVESp,O2/BSA (L·min−1 per %Sp,O2·m−2)0.08±0.05#0.11±0.080.12±0.090.08±0.04
  • Data are presented as mean±sd. δ: change in; VE: minute ventilation; PCO2: carbon dioxide tension; BSA: body surface area; Sp,O2: oxygen saturation. #: compared with the control, p<0.0001; : compared with DQB1*0602-, p<0.0001.