Table 5– Assessment of morning responsiveness to change according to Capacity of Daily Living during the Morning (CDLM) questionnaire and Global Chest Symptoms Questionnaire (GCSQ) scores from run-in to the end of treatment
Subjects nMeanESSRMt-statistic
Study 12304.134.330.160.240.446.73***
Study 23163.613.860.220.230.366.36***
Study 12871.411.26-***
Study 24181.611.41-0.200.320.428.74***
  • ES: effect size; SRM: standardised response mean. ***: p<0.001. Analyses of responsiveness were made for patients who received a change in treatment compared to the run-in period, i.e. not including the placebo group in Study 1, but including both active treatment groups in Study 2.