Table 3—

Procedural details of bronchoscopy

Subjects n121
 Local91 (75)
 Local plus sedation30 (25)
 General0 (0)
Biopsy method
 TBNA26 (21)
 EBB76 (63)
 TBB76 (63)
 No biopsy taken19 (16)
Diagnostic procedure#
 TBNA8 (14)
 EBB15 (26)
 TBB41 (72)
 Wash and microbiology2 (4)
 Bleeding (minor)5 (4)
 Intolerance and stop3 (2)
 Pneumothorax1 (1)
 Other3 (2)
  • Data are presented as n (%) unless otherwise indicated. TBNA: transbronchial needle aspiration; EBB: endobronchial biopsy; TBB: transbronchial biopsy. #: a definite diagnosis (including sarcoidosis and other diagnoses) was obtained by bronchoscopy in 57 patients; this was by means of a unique method in 49 patients, whereas, in eight, a combination of methods was used.