Table 4—

Hazard ratios for prediction of all-cause mortality using Cox’s regression analysis#

Age decile
 1 (youngest)1111
 10 (oldest)13.014.615.627.3
Lung function decile
 1 (best)1111
 10 (worst)
  • The youngest, best lung function and female sex groups were used as the reference groups. Chi-squared for each model are shown as a measure of fit, and, although the differences in Chi-squared appear small, the models in the leftmost columns are significantly better than those in the rightmost columns (p<0.05). FEV1Q: forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) quotient; FEV1·Ht−2: FEV1 divided by height squared; FEV1·Ht−3: FEV1 divided by height cubed; FEV1PP: percentage predicted FEV1. #: in 26,967 subjects, using sex, age and lung function indices as predictors, with the latter two split into deciles.