Table 5—

Estimates for symptom severity scores over time(63,664 symptom severity scores nested within 2,486 patients, nested within 362 clinicians)

Patient characteristicsValuesep-value
Age decades0.030.010.00
Days waited before presenting0.010.000.00
Diabetes comorbidity-
Heart comorbidity0.030.050.56
Respiratory comorbidity0.180.040.00
Smoker status
 NonsmokerReference category
 Current smoker0.090.070.16
 Not prescribed antibioticsReference category
 Prescribed antibiotics0.070.060.19
 Day squared0.010.000.00
 Day cubed0.000.000.00
 Prescribed antibiotics and day-
 Current smoker and prescribed-
 Ex-smoker and prescribed-
 Smoker and day0.000.000.36
 Ex-smoker and day0.000.000.93
 Current smoker and prescribed and day0.000.000.50
 Ex-smoker and prescribed and day0.000.000.77