Table 2– Characteristics of the study population#
Socio-demographics factors
Age yrs10.4±0.738.7±5.141.7±6.2
Weight kg36.1±8.1
Height m1.42±0.08
BMI kg·m−217.8±2.9
Older siblings46.1
Parental education
Primary or secondary51.1
High school and university48.9
Ethnic origin
Metropolitan France76.374.8
French overseas departments3.22.0
South Europe4.04.5
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia8.19.6
Sub-Saharan Africa2.62.7
Family history of allergy+37.1
Potential sources of indoor pollution at home
Mould or dampnessƒ17.6
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %. BMI: body mass index. #: 4,907 children residing at their current address for at least three years; : the highest educational level achieved of either parent; +: if the child’s father or mother had ever suffered from asthma, allergic rhinitis, or eczema; §: any current exposure to cigarettes, pipes or cigars at home; ƒ: the current presence of damp or mould stains at home; ##: natural gas used for heating, cooking or for a water-heater at home (except in cellar or in garage); ¶¶: the presence of furry or feathered pets at home (dogs, cats, rodents, ferret or polecat).