Table 1—

Assessment of the diagnostic value of videobronchoscopy(VB) and autofluorescence (AF) bronchoscopy according to the level of experience

MeasureExperienced VBExperienced AFp-valueInexperienced VBInexperienced AFp-value
Sensitivity 84.4±10.285.6±11.4 ns 82.2±8.188.9±8.8 ns
Specificity 77.8±12.164.8±8.4<0.00171.7±17.074.8±9.4 ns
PPV 59.8±14.548.7±8.60.03853.2±12.158.0±7.9 ns
NPV 92.7±4.292.0±4.7 ns 91.2±1.994.5±3.6<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd. PPV: positive predicted value; NPV: negative predicted value; ns: nonsignificant.