Table 1—

Characteristics of patients and the peptide E-R11 diagnosis

Sex nAge yrsE-R11 positive#Sensitivity %Specificity %
Non-cancer+Cancer stage
Healthy8440.455.50 (12)100
 COPD11071.21 (11)91
 Pneumonia8651.648.02 (14)86
 Small cell5058.60 (5)0
 Squamous cell10070.22 (3)3 (7)50
 Adenocarcinoma161659.661.53 (5)17 (27)63
  • COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. #: using mass peak-area intensity 1.04×105 as a cut-off value for outcome measurement; : the early stage indicates stage I, II or IIIA and the late stage indicates stage IIIB or IV; +: data presented as N (case number).