Table 4—

Proportional hazards comparative analysis of marginal forced vital capacity(FVC) thresholds in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, with the exclusion of patients with a significant decline in FVC

FVC declineHR (95% CI)p-value
7% threshold1.76 (0.86–3.60)0.12
6% threshold2.08 (1.05–4.13)0.04
5% threshold2.31 (1.19–4.50)0.01
4% threshold2.11 (1.11–4.00)0.02
3% threshold1.43 (0.75–2.68)0.27
  • Significant (p<0.05) relationships are shown, with hazard ratios (HR), expressing the change in risk of mortality between those with change and those without change (with 95% CI). The prognostic significance of thresholds of 4 and 5% did not differ. By contrast, a 3% threshold was always inferior to 4 and 5% thresholds.