Table 1—

Clinical characteristics with associated histological findings

SubjectAge yrs#SexSarcoidosis yrsRadiographic findingsSarcoidosis diagnosis/treatmentGranuloma burdenInterstitial fibrosisOther findings
157F33 yrsUpper lobe bullous emphysema with hilar adenopathyOpen lung biopsy showed granuloma/prednisoloneMild in lung, severe in lymph nodeMildNone
252F20 yrsFibronodular changes, focal emphysematous blebs with hilar and mediastinal adenopathyTBLB showed granuloma, positive Kveim test/prednisoloneMild in lung, absent in lymph nodeModerateNone
343F17 yrsBHL with fibronodular diseaseSkin biopsy showed granulomas with BHL, arthropathy and parotid enlargement/prednisolone, MTX, remicaideSevere in lung, mild in lymph nodeSevereNone
443F3 yrsHilar adenopathy with hilar retractionGallium scan showed BHL and lacrimal gland uptake/prednisolone, MTXMild in lung, severe in lymph nodeSevereSevere IP with occasional fibroblastic foci
555F3 yrsUpper lobe honeycombing with mediastinal adenopathy and sparing of lung basesTBLB had granulomas consistent with sarcoidosis/prednisoloneAbsent in lung and lymph nodeMildSevere IP with superimposed DAD
666M6 yrsUpper lobe disease with mediastinal and hilar adenopathyOpen lung biopsy with granulomas/ prednisoloneAbsent in lung, severe in lymph nodeSevereHoneycomb with UIP pattern
760M7 yrsUpper lobe disease with ground-glass opacities in the left lower lobeMediastinal node biopsy with granulomas and gallium scan uptake in lungs/prednisoloneAbsent in lung and lymph nodeSevereHoneycomb with UIP pattern
  • F: female; M: male; BHL: bilateral hilar adenopathy; TBLB: transbronchial lung biopsy; MTX: methotrexate; IP: interstitial pneumonitis; DAD: diffuse alveolar damage; UIP: usual interstitial pneumonitis. #: age at transplantation; : number of years with sarcoidosis.