Table 1—

Anthropometric characteristics, 8-isoprostane concentrations, spirometric parameters and exhaled nitric oxide values in children with problematic and well-controlled asthma

Problematic asthmaWell-controlled asthmap-value
Subjects (males) n7 (4)13 (7)
Age (range) yrs9.6 (6–13)11.1 (6–15)
Height cm140.6±6.3146.8±3.1
Weight kg35.6±3.945.8±3.6
8-isoprostane in EBC by GC/NICI-MS pg·mL−168.0±10.332.8±6.60.008
8-isoprostane in EBC by EIA pg·mL−174.0±12.535.3±7.40.01
8-isoprostane in urine EIA ng·mmol−1 creatinine35.4 (30.6–60.6)50.6 (35.1–74.9)0.44
FVC % pred89±696±30.26
FEV1 % pred76±589±30.048
FEF25–75% % pred59±782±70.05
FEV1/FVC %79±484±20.20
FeNO ppb16 (9.5–47.5)27 (17.3–48.0)0.36
  • Data are expressed as mean±sem and median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. EBC: exhaled breath condensate; GC/NICI-MS: gas chromatographic/negative ion chemical ionisation mass spectrometry; EIA: enzymatic immunoassay; FVC: forced vital capacity; % pred: % predicted; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FEF25–75%: forced expiratory flow between 25% and 75% of FVC; FeNO: exhaled nitric oxide fraction.