Table 1—

Baseline characteristics at screening in males in different body mass index(BMI) groups and in those who were and were not incident asthma cases

<2020–24.925–29.930–34.9≥35ptrend#Incident asthma
Subjects n70020382282415722895544931447
ΔBMI kg·m−<0.0012.22.6
ΔBMI %<0.0018.19.6
Year of birth1955.51955.51955.61955.81955.9<0.0011955.61955.4
Current smokers62.041.233.432.031.7<0.00136.246.0
High education+28.536.132.726.620.2<0.00133.228.8
Physically active§14.019.317.013.311.0<0.00117.320.0
Disability pension7.<0.0012.55.0
Urban residence18.318.216.814.915.0<0.00117.215.0
  • Data are presented as means for continuous variables and percentages for dichotomous variables; BMI group ranges are shown in kilogrammes per metre squared. ptrend: p-value for trend; Δ: change. #: calculated for subjects with a BMI of ≥20 kg·m−2; : received at least two prescriptions of reimbursed inhaled anti-asthmatic drugs during 2004–2007, with the last one being dispensed ≥6 months after the first one; +: university/college or higher (level 4 or 5); §: ≥3 h·week−1 with hard activity (level 3).