Table 1—

Subject characteristics at study entry

Intervention groupControl group
Age yrs19.5±6.419.4±5.3
Height cm165.6±11.6165.7±11.3
Body mass kg55.5±13.756.8±13.3
Sum of four skinfold measurements mm37.4±13.935.3±12.1
Body fat %17.8±7.417.2±6.5
Lean body mass kg45.3±11.047.0±11.7
FVC % pred81.5±13.188.2±16.3
FEV1 % pred69.1±17.275.6±21.9
RV/TLC % pred172.1±46.8161.6±68.3
Vigorous physical activity h·week−14.31±2.686.27±2.93
VO2,peak mL·min−1·kg−137.2±8.939.4±6.9
Wmax W·kg−12.81±0.582.98±0.62
PP W·kg−19.50±1.518.89±1.63
MP W·kg−16.59±1.196.38±1.16
  • Data are presented as n or mean±sd. FVC: forced vital capacity; % pred: % predicted; FEV1:forced expiratory volume in 1 s; RV: residual volume; TLC: total lung capacity; VO2,peak: peak oxygen uptake; Wmax: power maintained over the final completed 1-min stage; PP: peak power; MP: mean power.