Table 1—

Characteristics of patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia

Age yrs63.2±1758.4±19.30.367#
APACHE II14.0 (12.0–15.0)12.0 (6.25–17.0)0.277#
SOFA D13.0 (2.0–5.0)3.5 (3.0–7.0)0.220#
CRP D116.50 (6.3–23.7)19.0 (13.9–28.5)0.088#
PCT D10.34 (0.21–0.49)0.52 (0.45–2.24)0.001
SOFA D44.0 (3.0–6.0)8.0 (4.0–8.5)0.016
CRP D416.0 (10.8–29.5)16.7 (7.56–30.6)0.661#
PCT D40.50 (0.41–1.26)0.45 (0.31–1.37)0.167#
SOFA D73.0 (2.0–6.0)6.0 (2.75–9.0)0.169#
CRP D716.8 (9.2–24.8)16.7 (8.3–38.4)0.456#
PCT D70.42 (0.35–0.63)4.24 (0.96–12.1)<0.001
Total duration of mechanical ventilation days45±2929±20
Duration of prior mechanical ventilation days10±712±10
Duration of ICU stay days49±3230±21
Microbiological culture
 Endotracheal aspirate2512
 Bronchoscopic material44
Admission diagnosis
 ARF type II (obesity, OSAS)13
 Drug overdose30
 Bronchial asthma20
 Diabetic ketoacidosis20
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (interquartile range 25–75th percentile), unless stated otherwise. Values in bold are statistically significant. APACHE II: Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; SOFA: Sequential Organ Failure Assessment; CRP: C-reactive protein; PCT: procalcitonin; D: day; ICU: intensive care unit; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ARF: acute respiratory failure; ARDS: adult respiratory distress syndrome; OSAS: obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome; AMI: acute myocardial infarction. #: nonsignificant; : acute pancreatitis (n = 3), multiple transfusions (n = 2), drug abuse (n = 2), near drowning (n = 1), inhalation of toxic gases (n = 1), lipid embolism (n = 1).