Table 2—

Calls to the emergency helpline out of hours over a 6-month period

Out-of-hours calls n
Total calls86
Equipment required (tubing, filters, mask spares)#23
Technical issue (included alarming, not reaching pressure, noisy)22
Ventilator not working+19
Advice: nonemergency§13
Advice about continuous positive airways pressure5
Advice: emergency2
Battery not working1
Request for servicing1
  • #: the patient should have called to request replacement consumables earlier; : the ventilator could be turned on but there were reports of it being noisy, an alarm going off such that the patient could not resolve the problem without telephone support, and the ventilator not giving the same size breath as the patient felt was normal for them; +: despite the power being connected, the ventilator did not start up; §: for example, the patient complained of mouth dryness.