Table 3—

Drugs evaluated in relapsed small cell lung cancer(phase II trials)

Patients nOR %OSConclusion[Ref.]
Gemcitabine2706 monthsLimited activity76
411317 weeksModest activity77
46127 monthsModest activity78
Irinotecan16477 monthsActive agent79
Paclitaxel2429100 daysActive agent41
44204 monthsActive agent80
Vinorelbine2413Modest activity81
2616Modest activity82
Pemetrexed43S: n = 1 PR; Rs: n = 1 PRMinimal activity83
34318 weeksLimited activity84
1211 (n = 1 PR in S)2.5–6 monthsMinimal activity85
Amrubicin60S: 52; Rs: 50S: 12 months; Rs: 10 monthsSignificant activity86
35S: 50; Rs/Rf: 60S: 10 months; Rs/Rf: 7 monthsSignificant activity87
1937Active agent88
75PR n = 13/39Active agent89
6038 versus 13Amrubicin possibly superior to topotecan90
Picoplatin7728 weeksCompares favourably with other therapeutic options65
  • OR: overall response; OS: overall survival; PR: partial response; S: sensitive (initially responded and then relapsed/progressed within 60–180 days); Rs: resistant (initially responded to first-line platinum-containing chemotherapy and then relapsed/progressed within 60–90 days); Rf: refractory (failed or progressed with first-line platinum-containing chemotherapy).