Table 3—

Summary of air pollutant concentrations and meteorological parameters during the 156 days studied

PM10 μg·m−356.98±32.2550.6512.00188.00
NO2 μg·m−351.04±12.5750.5119.1690.41
SO2 μg·m−33.57±2.862.640.4612.78
CO mg·m−31.72±
Temperature °C15.12±8.2915.18-2.3328.18
Relative humidity %74.11±15.2172.5140.8598.44
Barometric pressure hPa1014.56±4.88101410031029
  • Daily 24-h means were measured for all parameters except for carbon monoxide level, for which the 8-h maximum moving average was used, all at two locations. PM10: particles with a 50% cut-off aerodynamic diameter of 10 μm.