Table 1—

Sources and preparation of tissue for study

CentreSubjects nGroupsFixationAirways samplesSections
Thickness μmStain
Perth (AU)65C, NFA, FAInflation; formaldehydeLarge and small airways5H&E
Melbourne (AU)17FAImmersion; formaldehydeSample of random blocks5H&E
Sydney (AU)24C, NFA, FAImmersion; formaldehydeLarge and small airways4Gomori’s
São Paulo (BR)23C, FAImmersion; formaldehydeSample of blocks4Masson
Auckland (NZ)41FAImmersion; formaldehydeSample of blocks4Gomori’s
Calgary (CA)48C, NFA, FAInflation; glutaraldehydeLarge and small airways5Masson
  • AU: Australia; BR: Brazil; NZ: New Zealand; CA: Canada; C: control; NFA: nonfatal asthma; FA: fatal asthma; H&E: haematoxylin–eosin.