Table 1—

Baseline clinical characteristics, anthropometric data and continuous performance test results before bronchoscopy

Subjects n3943
 Male28 (72)27 (63)
 Female11 (28)16 (37)
ASA class
 I18 (46)14 (33)
 II17 (44)26 (60)
 III4 (10)3 (7)
 Age yrs55.2±14.357.9±11.4
 Weight kg71.6±12.474.9±15.6
 Systolic BP mmHg136.5±18.5135.8±16.6
 Diastolic BP mmHg80.1±10.182.1±11.7
fC bpm79.5±17.873.6±12.3
Sa,O2 %96.0±3.795.8±2.9
CPT results
 CE score#8.2±14.88.1±15.7
 OE score#13.4±15.010.7±8.9
 Reaction time ms463.9±73452.9±128.0
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. ASA: American Society of Anesthesiology; BP: blood pressure; fC: cardiac frequency; Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation; CPT: continuous performance test; CE: commission error or false hit; OE: omission error or missed target. #: 0 = best score and 100 worst score.